Gratitude and Positive Thinking

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.

Neale Donald Walsh

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Not long ago I didn’t grasp how important daily gratitude is. I was stressed out and had completely lost my internal balance. I’m not sure how balanced I was to begin with, but now it was complete gone. It took a loud wakeup call for me to realize that the way I was living wasn’t at all what I wanted or needed in my life. I was making myself sick by focusing only on the negative and not focusing on the blessings that are all around me.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyday is rainbows and butterflies, but even in the darkest days there is something good that you can find out of your day. A child’s smile, your dog cuddling you or even as simple as a bunny jumping around outside. A smile from a complete stranger can definitely be a positive to focus on when your dog poops on your carpet, your child is talking back to you and you don’t happen to see any other cute creatures outside that day.

Some of the most positive people on earth show gratitude constantly throughout their day, and live their life in love rather than anger and hate. I know you’ve seen one of those people, that most of us just don’t understand. It’s like nothing bothers them, and even when a horrendous thing occurs to them, they take it in stride and never seem to be brought down by anything. In fact, not only are these folks recovering quickly, but they are also coming back stronger and better than they were. They are also genuinely nice to everyone, because they just don’t have a need to be anything else. They are happy.

Those of us that this doesn’t come natural to, there are some things we can definitely do to help ourselves out.

1. Do not hang out with negative people!

2. Write down at least 3 things a day you are grateful for.

3. Medication and Yoga – strengthen your body and mind.

4. When anyone is gossiping to you, politely excuse yourself.

5. Develop your internal faith (dub in your chosen spiritual background).

6. Define your personal Values and stay aligned with them.

7. Find your purpose and surround yourself with things that help you live within your purpose (this includes your J.O.B.).

8. Let go of the negative things that happen during your days, and only focus on the positive.

9. Believe in yourself and always strive to be a better person than you were the day before.

10. Align yourself with people that will bring out the best in you, not those that bring out the bad things in yourself.

Everyday is another chance to improve yourself in your quest for positive living and gratitude. Just because you messed up a little today, don’t give up, and try again tomorrow! It’s a life long quest for a positive life style. For those of us that it doesn’t come natural to, it wont come easily, but you will learn a little more every day.

I’ll be back again with more insight into the world of Thriving Forward!



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