Combatting Fear and Thriving

Fear can really disrupt the life of a person and a lot of times the fear that is being felt is unwarranted. It can destroy our success, if fear goes unchecked and though it’s important that this emotion is felt and thoroughly considered, it’s also an emotion that we must work through and not allow to linger.

It is entirely natural to have moments of fearfulness. It can really be an overwhelming feeling when fear hits, and it triggers our bodies chemical release of adrenaline. Our flight or fight response goes into action at this point and we start to feel the symptoms of this response. Our physical response can include, but isn’t limited to, elevated heart rate, sweating, chest pains, chills, nausea and upset stomach.

If we are unable to regain control and calm ourselves down, this reaction could cause panic attacks, anxiety attacks and depression. We do not need to let this happen because if it continues for two long our brains can become accustom to the new state of our bodies chemicals and this takes a long time to overcome, once it goes this far in our bodies chemical make-up.

The first thing we want to do when we feel fear is let it happen, and try to identify what exactly is causing the fear. There are many triggers that could be causing fear: Objects, situations, possible future events, imagined events, real environmental dangers and just the overwhelming unknown. Once we’ve determined the actual cause of the fear, we then need to determine steps to overcome the fear.

Let’s say you made a large mistake, whether it be at work or elsewhere. You have the fear response because you are afraid of what the repercussions are going to be now that this mistake has happened. This can be greatly overwhelming and we can think about it day and night until either enough time goes by that we no longer worry about it OR something does happen with regards to that situation and now we know the aftermath of the mistake.

The thing we must realize in these moments is that no matter the outcome of any situation, even if you play the game of what is the worst thing that can happen, it wont matter in the end because you will be ok no matter what.

What can you do right now to help you get through a moment of fear and uncertainty?

1. Journal so that you can get your thoughts and feeling out. This can also help you work through problems to a good solution.

2. Remind yourself of other instances where you felt fear and uncertainty, and then recall how it turned out ok.

3. Write down all the things you are grateful for in your world.

4. Call a trusted friend or family members to talk it out.

5. Make a list of the positive things you can do towards getting past this moment in your life. You don’t have control over everything in this world, focus on the things you can control and make sure your actions are good not emotional.

6. Write in a gratitude journal every day. What are you currently grateful for in your life. Try to come up with at least 3 things.

7. Most importantly, work on your faith. Faith, no matter your background, is SO important. It can bring light into your darkest days.

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– Korrin

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