Today’s Diapers Crisis

Gone are the days that my daughter needs diapers, thank goodness! I do recall the panic when I’d realize I was down to my last few diapers at 9PM at night though. Running out of diapers can put you in a REAL icky mess. I guess you can always put their baby butts into some cloth rigged diaper, but now a days I’m not sure how many people can stomach washing that out afterwards! The women back then were really tough, and most of them didn’t work!

When I hear that diapers are becoming a problem to find in some areas. My heart goes out to those families! So I will keep and updated list of places online that you can buy some diapers in a pinch.

Click on the pictures below, and you can find diapers of multiple sizes.

On another note, I know that there is a lot of stress and pressure going on right now in our world. Lots of uncertainty, frustration and fear are spreading like wild fire causing us to feel mentally and emotionally unhealthy. Please know that fear is only a chemical reaction produced by the body.

A LONG time ago the hormones produced to cause fear (fight or flight) was a necessary survival instinct that humans needed. Now our fear is often times artificial and produced by the news and the media. When you start feeling frazzled, do yourself a favor and turn off the news. Give yourself a break.

Being a little prepared for the unknown can also help, so just keep a little extra on hand of the items that you KNOW you cannot do without, like diapers.

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