The Plague of Limiting Beliefs

By Korrin Doyle

Intro to Limiting Beliefs 

Limiting beliefs are thoughts and opinions that we take as absolute truth. These unsubstantiated beliefs hide in the background of our minds, preventing us from moving towards the amazing things we could be doing with our lives.

These beliefs may come in the form of what we believe our rights, duties, abilities, and permissions are in our life. They may be about ourselves or other people, but either way, they limit us in our minds and ultimately prevent us from all the possibilities that may be out there for us.

The Formation of Limiting Beliefs

You can find your limiting beliefs in the things that you say. You might be saying I do/don’t, I can’t, I must or mustn’t, I am or am not, or others are or will. The thought processes we build over our whole life create these little limiting beliefs.  

They could have come about in your childhood, early adulthood, or late adulthood. These beliefs could come from experiences, education, faulty logic of our own or from others we’ve known, excuses, or fears.  

Effects of Limiting Beliefs

A considerable number of people don’t even realize that the limits put on their lives most of the time aren’t real. Because by nature, we look for evidence of what we tell ourselves, we ultimately will find the evidence because we are creating the scenario ourselves and making it come to pass. This slows our progress of finding our true potential! Some may live their whole life not knowing their true purpose or passions, and thus living a hollow life.

A great quote I pulled from is, “Our self-limiting beliefs turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.” If you tell yourself over and over that you can’t do something, do you think you’ll ever actually do it? Of course not! If you tell yourself you are unhappy day after day, you will continue to be unhappy. If you tell yourself that money is evil and that it’s really difficult to obtain, you’ll always financially struggle. You’ve made your mind up so you will continue to struggle and be unhappy. In other words, your mind will never be open to receiving the insights that would get you out of circumstances that make you unhappy.

Removing Limiting Beliefs

There is a way to get free from limiting beliefs. It takes work to eliminate the beliefs that limit us. The first thing you want to do is determine what your limiting beliefs are. Then determine how that thought process is affecting your life. This will help you decide if you still want to eliminate the belief or not based on its impact on your life.  

Once you’ve decided what you want to go further and possibly eliminate, you can do a little research on the beliefs you have. Limiting beliefs aren’t founded on fact, therefore, you can look up the limiting belief and do some research on where it came from and see what facts there might be related to the belief. Most of these beliefs were handed down from one generation to another. You want to look up historically where it came from.

It’s important to note that bad habits aren’t easy to remove, so give yourself grace during this process. Take notes as you go, so that you have something to refer back to from time to time. It’s also advisable to get assistance from someone outside of your typical circle of people. This can be a mentor or a coach, but make sure it’s someone that doesn’t have the same limiting beliefs as you do OR has already eliminated the beliefs that didn’t serve them.

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