Negative Energy and You


By: Korrin Doyle

Your brain is the power house of the body. The good, the bad and the ugly ALL start in your brain! All the hormones, messages to your body and the functionality of your body is driven by the brains neurological connections. So what does this mean for you? The way you perceive your world will dictate the signals sent out by your brain, which in turn will determine the way your body will react. If your thoughts are healthy, your body will be healthy. If your thoughts are negative and stressful, your body will have signs and symptoms from that negativity and stress, and you wont feel good or healthy physically.

Some people are stuck in a cycle of negativity and cannot find their way to the land of green pastures and happiness. If you are someone that seems to constantly have bad things happen, and don’t think you can find your way out of your cycle, it isn’t too late for you. You can either find the path yourself or find someone like a Life Coach, to help you navigate the terrain and find the joy you have been longing for.

Causes of the Negative Life Syndrome

  1. Family history and belief systems.
  2. Traumatic Experiences
  3. Life experiences that lead to the same place
  4. Low self-confidence
  5. How you feel about yourself.
  6. Caring about what others say or think about you.
  7. Not seeing a path to follow your dreams.
  8. Not knowing/living in your purpose.
  9. Thinking things and people can make your happy.
  10. Not spending time doing things that are healthy for yourself.

Energy and You

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created no destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. Though most of this was talking about the states of solid, liquid and gas or from energy at rest to energy in motion, it still can fit with positive to negative use of the energy. Your whole body is made up of energy whether it’s mental energy or physical energy, you can transform this energy from positive to negative OR negative to positive, just by the way you think!

Energy can come in the form of a frequency. The higher the frequency, the greater the energy expenditure, while the lower the frequency the lower the energy expenditure. Frequency is emitted through light and sound. If you have ever heard of negative frequencies causing disarray and happy frequencies causing uniform calm structure in ice, you’ll understand completely where I am going with this. Look at the images below to really get a clear picture. The first image shows the shapes water takes when exposed to the frequency of each of the positive things listed. The next image does a nice comparison between positive and negative frequencies that the water is exposed to before it freezes.

I’m sure everyone reading this right now knows that 60% of our bodies are made from water. Keeping that in mind, you can now look at the environments you’ve found yourself in and how those environments have made you feel. If the environments are full of love, kindness, passion, and gratitude more than likely you felt happy, peaceful and harmonious. Where as, when you are in a bad environment where there is heavy competition with underhanded actions, lies and deception you might feel out of sorts, stressed and exhausted. Your body reacts to the negative energies exactly the same as particles of water react to them.

Transformation of Energy

Whatever energy you have become accustom to in your life will continue if you do not become mindful and take steps to change the cycle you are in. Negative energy attracts more negative energy. Changing the cycle to be more positive is 100% possible, but change will need to happen. Not everyone is comfortable with change, and the resistance to change can make you even more stuck. This is where being mindful and talking yourself through each step is important.

First, lets look at ourselves VERY closely. Most things become positive or negative because of how we are perceiving things. Our perceptions right or wrong could be causing MOST of our own personal angst and negativity. What do you tell yourself day in and day out? I’m not saying that you speak out loud to yourself, but you do have your own thoughts and ideas about you that may need to change. Do you like who you are? Are you telling yourself positive or negative things about yourself? We cannot be perfect ALL the time, but if you don’t like how you look, tell yourself you aren’t good enough, that you wont be successful and wont forgive yourself for mistakes etc., then your mind is negative all on its own. Your cycle wont end, until you get your perspective and mindset right.

Next, lets look at the environments you find yourself. Your home life, work life and any extracurricular activities are all important. If the energy from one or all are not very good, you need to determine what is making them bad. Then, look at those things you’ve pinpointed and determine what can you control and what can’t you control. It’s important to realize that change might be something you need in order to relieve yourself from what is causing the negative energy to form. This can be in the form of setting boundaries, letting go of negative people that refuse to acknowledge your boundaries (friends or sadly sometimes family), changing departments at work, changing jobs, sometimes even a complete career change may be justified.

Whatever the changes are that you determine, you must make sure you are truly accepting of them before making the changes. If you are still resistant to the changes, while making the changes, you will cause yourself even more grief! There are pros and cons to all changes, and it’s healthy to write those out and determine if the pros are great enough to overcome the cons. You also want to make a very strong WHY statement. What is your why for making the change. When it comes to change, you do not want to make these decisions whimsically or through a knee-jerk reaction. Just remember, the goal is to make changes that will positively impact you, not negatively impact you.

Finally, lets look at the interactions you have with your surroundings. What kind of energy are you putting out to the world? Do your actions and words match the peace and harmony you wish to find? If you are being hateful to others, having massive road rage, holding grudges, and being mean to people in your life (it doesn’t matter what part of your life), you are your own problem. Until you stop the negative acts yourself, the world will only return to you that which you put out there. Not to mention there is science backing that we self-inflict sickness on ourselves by being negative and hateful.

In Conclusion

If you happen to be a person struggling with negativity and negative events always happening to you, hopefully this gave you some insight. The dark cloud that follows you doesn’t have to be permanent. It does take a lot of self-work and dedication to change for the better, but its well worth the effort at the end. You will feel far more joy than you ever thought imaginable.

If you need any help on your journey towards positivity, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to help!

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