Licensing and Finding New Ways of Income

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The newest adventure I’ve started is getting licensed in Health and Life insurance. Like most people, insurance agents and brokers seem like more of an annoyance than anything else. However they still play their role. The rules and regulations on insurance agents has become quite immense and the agent or broker is no longer allowed to really cold call people. The only reason an agent would contact you now-a-days is because you called them for information OR because you filled out a form saying you wanted more information either online or from your snail mail.

The testing is quite immense, it’s amazing how MUCH information the agent/broker has to remember, understand and be able to explain to the people they are assisting with their insurance needs. Life/health/Car/Mortgage insurances are all separate licenses that you have to test for separately. I studied for nearly 3 weeks and the test took me about 2 hours to take the test. They do give you 3 hours to take the test and there are two parts, the state information and the general information portions of the test. You find out immediately if you pass the test. I was absolutely excited to learn I passed!

The next thing you need to do, at least in the state of Georgia, is fill out the application online and attach an affidavit stating you are legal citizen of the United States or a legal foreigner living here. The affidavit has to be notarized, which I was able to do online through an app that Apple has created for notaries to do their job remote for people. You also have to attach a picture ID to the application and submit it for review. Lastly, you need to register on GAP for being finger printed.

As you can see, this is greatly regulated. I’m quite excited that I’m closer to getting this license and seeing what this kind of career will be like. As you all know, I’m working on several different ways of making money. I don’t think anyone should depend on only ONE method of having a livelihood anymore. We are responsible for making sure we are protecting ourselves. Especially considering what we have seen going on around the world during this pandemic.

I was talking to a acquaintance the other day, and she was feeling the same way. It’s important that we find ways to protect our current way of living, because at any moment, things could change for the worse and if we have no backup plan or another way of making money then that’s it. So look at what you enjoy, hobbies and just new things that you wouldn’t mind trying out and give it a shot. Think outside the box and work outside your comfort zone. Doing so will give you more and more confidence as you learn new things and you will be protecting your current standard of living.

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