Health and Wellness – Holiday Stumble

I don’t know about you, but I have always struggled to keep myself on the up and up when it comes to my health and wellness goals. Especially around the holidays when there is all that good food and desserts to partake in! This year has been no different for me.

I’ve tried so many crash diets, exercise stints and of course there is the New Years resolution that never seems to come to pass. I’ve seen everyone find temporary success with going vegan, vegetarian, keto, low carb, no carb, protein only, weight watchers, and so many more! What is truly going on out there in this world that is keeping us so darn out of shape and getting more and more round?

I have thoughts on this, and I’m going to be taking a course to become a certified nutritional coach as well, but I’m not quite there yet. So I wont be looking at it from that perspective just yet! So here are some things I think are creating a lot of our issues!

First of all, we are a society heavy on technology. We have iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Video Games, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TicTock, and the list goes on and on! How much of our day is sitting in front of some form of technology? Most careers now a days are incredibly dependent on technology! Think about the movie Wall-E. The people on board that spaceship didn’t even have to walk anymore or socialize because everything was automated. They socialized through a computer screen they were hooked up to. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it? Technology has removed the need for many people to go out and actually physically do things!

Now, lets talk about our lack of social skills in todays world. It’s not exactly the same for everyone, but I’m pretty sure the social awkwardness has only gotten worse over the last 10 years for most people. Most kids now socialize online versus in person, and it only seems to have gotten worse with the fear a lot of people have of being around people. With that being said, depression, stress and anxiety have increased by quite a bit over the last couple years. What do these emotions create? Stress hormone production within the body such as cortisol that horrible little hormone that compounds belly fat issues. Our stressors and fear have lowered our metabolisms and reduced our abilities to have our normal cutting of calories and exercise do the job it once did.

We all remember Grandma’s cooking, with all the herbs, spices and special talents of creating tender mouth watering food for the whole family. Most people today do not know any of those tricks of the cooking trade, and therefore prefer to eat out. Because of the expense and inflation, we as a society are more and more becoming dependent on processed foods and fast food chains. A lot of the foods we consume today are so heavily processed, our bodies don’t digest it very well and even worse, we may not be able to absorb the nutrition our bodies need from the food we are eating. Not to mention the sugar coma we find ourselves in due to the excessive use of sugar by the food industry. I’ve spent a lot of time working in the food industry, so I could go into a lot more detail on how the ingredients and solutions the food industry has used isn’t always in the best interest of the consumer’s health and wellness.

What can we do to correct this problem?

First things first, we all need to take a little bit of time to really look at the things we are consuming and ask ourselves after each item how we truly feel physically afterwards. Our bodies will tell us by feeling sluggish, bloated, puffy, indigestion etc. If our bodies feel crappy after the meal, we maybe shouldn’t have that meal anymore.

The second thing we can do, is take some cooking classes through YouTube. It is free and there are plenty of those that know how to cook that have no issue posting videos about it on YouTube. In fact, I bet there are already a TON of videos already out there. You could also take a real cooking class through a local college through their continuing education courses. They are typically pretty affordable.

The third thing we can do, reduce the amount of processed foods we are consuming and replace those meals with simple things such as vegetables. You can even add cheese to them if you don’t particularly care for vegetables. They do grow on your overtime though! So keep giving them a chance.

The last thing I’m going to suggest is attempting to grow your own foods over the summer especially. There is nothing better than picking your own veggies or fruits from your own garden. This is also good because the chemicals being used in the food industry to kill bugs, the genetic engineering used to improve crop yield, may not be the healthiest either. Grow your own chickens for eggs! This winter I have some indoor veggies growing. This is the first time I’ve tried to grow strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers inside, so I’m hoping it turns out!

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