Fear and Apprehension – Don’t let it get you down!

This truly is a strange Holiday season. There are a lot of people that have lost their job for one reason or another. The holiday spirit seems to have been muffled by fear and apprehension on what will happen next in this country. It seems to be paying it’s toll on many people in our country. Yet others still find some joy in their lives, which is very good.

If you happen to be one of the many plagued with fear and apprehension, you aren’t alone. At the same time, I implore you not to live there. There is a lot of nasty news coming in everyday. The new Omicron strain, travel restrictions, school shootings, crime happening more and more in certain parts of our country here in the US. Then you look at the news from other countries and the news doesn’t seem much better.

Overcoming the fear is necessary for many different reasons. A couple of the big ones are your health, your sanity and the sanity and health of your family. I cannot promise you that you can overcome all the fear and stress that has been brought on by the events of the last couple of years, but you can minimize it!

Here are a few fears that many are having right now, and how you can minimize that fear and stress produced by the fear for yourself.

1. Food/supply chain Shortage Fear. I suggest picking up a little extra every time you go to the store. You more than likely already know your budget, so just buy whatever extra you can afford of the items you normally buy. Remember to go with NEEDS over WANTS (Food over Perfume, etc.). If your kids LOVE macaroni and cheese, get a couple extra boxes of it.

2. Job Loss. It happens to the best of us. Trust me, I know! It’s a terrifying thing to lose your job. A few things that can make job loss easier is having extra supply of the things you typically buy for your family. I had some food put away, which made my fear of not having money for food a non-issue. Then all I had to worry about was my mortgage and utilities. ALSO, start contemplating other ways to make money and start putting those into place. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, GET STARTED! If you have a hobby that could make you money, get going and start selling your products. Start investigating all the ways you can make some money! Did you know you can sign up to advertise on your back window of your car for money? Neither did I, until I started to look into it.

3. Inflation. This is a real thing going on right now. The only way to beat inflation is to make sure that you are ALREADY living below your means. If you aren’t living below your means, think about what you could give up to make that happen. OR what income can you make doing other things that would increase your monthly income. ALSO, having extra of everything you buy (food, personal care items, etc.) will make this a lot easier in times of high inflationary periods.

4. Sickness. Living your healthiest life will always help prevent sickness and disease. Eat good healthy foods, exercise, drink plenty of water, limit your sugar intake and of course always consult your doctor while making life style changes. If you want to keep your immune system in tip top shape, you must make sure you are doing things everyday to make sure that happens. Start today!

These are only 4 common fears of today and there are many more fears I’m sure that people are having right now. The point I’m trying to make with this is simple, don’t live in fear. The fear can be subdued by doing a little every week to eliminate the need for that fear. Be prepared for the things that you are afraid of and the fear will no longer be necessary.

I hope everyone gets started on eliminating their worst fears, so that they can live their best lives!

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