Episode 19: Empty Shelves, Immune Support Protocol, HR3684


Hey All!  

In this Episode I’m covering Empty Shelves Across the US, an Immune Support Protocol written by a retired nurse turned health coach Penny Wittbrodt.  Always check with your doctor before trying new things!  Please see links below for her page and protocol! 

I also am covering a new Bill that was just signed by P. Biden.  It doesn’t look so scary when you first look at it but hidden inside is something that might not be so good for us (the common folk).  You can find the link for that below also.  HR3684, please check out Section 24205.  Also, do your own research on the topic, and you’ll see some pretty crazy things in the news about it!

Penny Wittbrodt Website:

Witt School of Health – Take back your health! (wpcomstaging.com)

Penny’s Protocol:
Covid19-first-aid-kit-with-instructions-immune-support.docx (live.com)

HR3684 Bill 

Full Text: PUBL058.PS (congress.gov)

Main Page of Bill: Text – H.R.3684 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

I hope you enjoy today’s topics!  

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