Leadership is a Lifestyle


Leadership is a lifestyle choice. It’s not a role, title, or program that you sign up for. Leadership is something you live on a daily basis as you strive to make an impact in the lives of others. If this seems like an overwhelming task, it’s because it is! But if you have decided that leadership is what you want out of life and work hard each day to be the best leader possible, then I have some good news: You will see results!

Leadership is not a role.

Leadership is not a role. Leadership is a choice. You can choose to lead or you can choose not to. It’s up to you, but in order for your organization or community to be successful, you’ll need people who are willing and able to lead.

It’s important that leaders have a clear understanding of what leadership means and how they can apply this knowledge through their daily interactions with others. The following list provides some examples:

  • Leader as Mentor: A good leader takes the time needed before making decisions that affect others’ lives because he/she wants everyone involved in those decisions—especially those who will be impacted by them—to understand why those decisions were made so that everyone understands how his own actions affect other people’s lives as well as how other peoples’ actions affect him/her personally; therefore, it’s critical that leaders embrace an open-door policy where anyone with concerns about anything at all (including things outside his/her control) can come talk privately about these issues without fear of repercussions from anyone else within the organization or community because this kind of open communication leads directly back into our next point …

Leadership is not a title.

Leadership is not a title. It’s a mindset.

It’s not about what you say or do, but how you live your life. Leadership is your lifestyle, not just something that happens to you from time to time in response to certain situations and events. In leadership, there are no “assignments”—only opportunities to make choices and take steps toward the future by following what feels right for you at this moment in your journey as an individual with unique gifts and talents who has chosen this particular moment in history because of who YOU are right now.

Leadership is not an event.

Leadership is not a program you sign up for. It’s not an event, either. Leadership is a lifestyle, one that starts with making a choice to lead and continuing on with daily actions that demonstrate the leadership you’ve chosen.

Leadership is not a role, title or event—it’s who you are in everything you do in your life. As such, leadership should be approached as an opportunity for continuous improvement—not simply something we try once and then move on from when it stops being fun or rewarding us financially directly (or both!).

Leadership is also not something that happens only during certain times of year; if it was limited to those times only, then why would we call them “leaders” instead of just “people who lead?”

Leadership is a lifestyle choice.

Leadership is a lifestyle choice. It is a way of being and thinking that permeates every part of your life. You can’t separate leadership from your relationships, and you can’t lead without having relationships.

You are constantly leading others in some way—whether it is with your spouse, children, friends or colleagues at work. The question isn’t whether you will be a leader; the question is whom will you lead? Will it be those closest to you? Or will it be those who are in positions of power over others?

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