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My life consists of being a mother, Daughter, Spouse, Leader and an Entrepreneur at heart. Most people have dreams, but never go for them. They wind up with many regrets, lost hopes and bitter by the life they wind up in. I was becoming this person. I knew I had to start trying new things, and it’s been incredibly slow starting. I’m here to tell you that dreams can come true. The best part is you don’t have to have only one dream.

Every one of us needs to start working on our dreams. Planning for our futures and the futures of the next generation. If all our kids and grandchildren see is us just barely surviving, then that is what they will think life is all about. We will perpetuate the lives that we feel stuck in and make it a reality for our kids and our kid’s kids. I’m sure nobody wants that to happen. It’s important we take the time to work on our dreams. No matter how old you are, you should be working on your dreams. It is never too late to work on your dreams.

In my full-time career, I am a leader of people and a manager of processes. I spend a lot of time putting things together and keeping people motivated. I’ve been a leader for the past 15+ years. In my off time, I like to spend my time with family, friends and working on other ventures. I enjoy developing, designing and working on how I can live a better life. I am constantly working to live within my true purpose. If you don’t feel fulfilled, and you feel like you are just getting by, it’s more than likely because you haven’t figured out your true purpose.

I am a doterra advocate. I absolutely love the products and the community created by doterra. My educational background was in Biology, and I work in the Food Industry for my full-time job, and with that I’m a life-long learner of health and wellness. I have no mastered this by any means, but I do love the journey. Health and Wellness doesn’t come from just one thing. It is a multi-faceted

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Episode 21: Current Event Chats Life and Things Podcast

Hey All!   It seems like things are getting more and more uncertain.  Food shortages and supply chain breakdowns, rumors of conflicts and CDC monkey escapes.  I talk updates in this podcast.  Interesting Stuff! I hope you enjoy today's topics!   Please subscribe, like and share.  Subscribing helps you get notification when I'm on LIVE or post a new show!  🙂 Join me in the chats! Support the Channel: Stripe Donations Check out my: website: YouTube: Life and Things Podcast Rumble: Life and Things Podcast Etsy Account: ThriveForwardsStudio Doterra: Doterra Store
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