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  • Leadership is a Lifestyle
    Leadership is not a title. In fact, most people with a manager title aren’t good leaders. A title doesn’t make them a leader. Find out more.
  • The History, New World Stage and NWO
    Introduction The world has been changing rapidly, and it feels like there is no end in sight. With so much happening every day in politics, … Continue reading The History, New World Stage and NWO
  • Life Altering Social Credit Score
    The social credit score determines a person’s worth based on a scoring system created by the powers that be. Your entire life will be determined based on this score that calculates the pros and cons of your decisions making into a little score. You aren’t the one that will decide what is the best course of action is, and control over how you live your life, will not be your own.
  • The New World Dynamic
    New Opportunities I started a new job a few months back and have been so very busy. I’m finely getting into some sort of a … Continue reading The New World Dynamic

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