“Dark Winter” — Science Fiction Thriller….or is it.

Operation "Dark Winter"
Dark Winter Feature

By: Korrin Doyle

I’ve been studying A LOT for my License (the test is tomorrow!!!!), and not really watching news or anything like that. I do occasionally browse around YouTube or Rumble for some interesting information from all sorts of people all over the world. I also am a big fan of those schoolie bus builds, someday I’m going to be building one of those! As I was browsing youtube I found an very interesting title from a youtuber I’ve never heard of before, and I will probably never remember the name of the channel. I immediately did a couple of searches because of the title alone, and chose not to listen to the video. Also, folks, this really does sound like every B movie science fiction movie I’ve watched!

The title of the video was “Operation Dark Winter”. It’s so interesting because I’ve heard the reference to dark winter several times in the past year, and one of those times was right out of President Biden’s mouth. This world has been a bit strange for the last two years, so I now don’t really claim anything to be “tin hat”, “conspiracy theory” or “crazy” anymore. I did a quick google search and interestingly enough Wikipedia was one of the top things that came up (Operation Dark Winter – Wikipedia). In short it says that operation dark winter was a bio-terrorist simulation that was put on in June of 2001 by our country (right before September 11th Terror Attack), where smallpox was released in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Georgia. The goal was to find out our weaknesses as a country in the event this would happen.

I found this interesting. Why are they talking about this now? If of course this is what Biden meant about this was going to be a “Dark Winter”. So I did another google search on “Small Pox” in the news. Here is what I came up with: Lab worker discovers frozen vials labelled ‘Smallpox’ in freezer, Vials Labeled Smallpox Found at Montgomery County Merck Facility, Bill Gates warns of Smallpox Terror Attack and Seeks Funding for Research. Anyways, it seems like Bill Gates always is linked to strange things. So I looked into Bill Gates and found Event 201, which was a simulation regarding a Pandemic, and this was done in October of 2019, directly before the Pandemic (Bill Gates Foundation was involved). On the Event 201 website (About Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October …) it states this in the text: “Similar to the Center’s 3 previous exercises—Clade XDark Winter, and Atlantic Storm—Event 201 aimed to educate senior leaders at the highest level of US and international governments and leaders in global industries.” What occurred during this “current” pandemic, it doesn’t seem like they learned too much to help stop any economic devastation, and they also made some quite ridiculous errors like sticking sick people in nursing homes, so that is a little laughable.

So lets take a look at these other two “exercises” they’ve put on, that I’ve never heard of. Event Clade X occurred in May of 2018, it doesn’t say much of what this event entailed, just this:

“key takeaways from Clade X will educate senior leaders at the highest level of the US government, as well as members of the global policy and preparedness community and the general public”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel I even knew this event happened nor do I feel like I am any more prepared because of Event Clade X. Then, there was Event Atlantic Storm. Here is a quick summary from that one pulled from (Atlantic Storm from a .gov website).

“On 14 January 2005, ten heads of government from Europe and North America and the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO; Geneva, Switzerland) were scheduled to meet for a ‘Transatlantic Security Summit’ in Washington, DC, USA, to discuss the threat of international terrorism. On the eve of the meeting, news broke that citizens from several European countries appeared to have become ill with smallpox; shortly thereafter suspected smallpox cases appeared in the USA. Although the assembled leaders did not know it at the time, a radical terrorist group had obtained seed strains of Variola major—the virus causing smallpox—and deliberately released the virus in a number of main transport hubs and sites of commerce throughout Europe and North America. On 14 January, the heads of states who gathered in Washington were confronted with one of the worst nightmares imaginable: the use of contagious and deadly disease as a weapon.”

A little bit about Smallpox from a nerd (that is me), Small pox is like Chicken Pox on Steroids. It covers the whole body with these puss filled pox including the mouth, throat and lord only knows where else. There are two different types of Small Pox, Variola Minor (only kills 1% of victims) and Variola Major (kills about 30% of victims). So in the scenario from Atlantic Storm, 30% of victims would die, and if it becomes a world wide pandemic like COVID-19 did, it would kill roughly 2.3 Billion people out of the world population of 7.8 Billion. For those who say, “Oh we’ve been vaccinated against this.” Another quick fun fact: “Routine smallpox vaccination among the American public stopped in 1972 after the disease was eradicated in the United States (Vaccine Basics | Smallpox | CDC).” I’d say MOST of us are probably NOT vaccinated against this anymore. So lets dig a little tiny bit deeper, because this is a little intriguing what I already knew, but I’ll dig up some news from this event!

I remember this because it literally was right before the Corona Virus Pandemic, and I’m a nerd with a Bachelors of Biology, Minor in Chemistry and loved everything Microbiology related during my education at the University. So of course I would remember this! Here is the article that really says it all, Explosion at Russian lab known for housing smallpox virus …. This happened in September 2019. If you didn’t know, there are only two labs in existence that hold some of the worlds deadliest microorganisms: the Russian lab that exploded and the CDC here in Georgia. I don’t remember them ever telling us how the lab exploded or if they were sure that all the scary stuff stored there was accounted for.

Before the vials were found and prior to the most recent Bill Gates asking for more money to host more deadly disease research, a fun Docu-Drama was put out in September 2021, Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon – YouTube. So many interesting things! Not to worry though, they’ve done those events to protect us…..