The New World Dynamic

New World Dynamic – On Fire

New Opportunities

I started a new job a few months back and have been so very busy. I’m finely getting into some sort of a groove. It’s always interesting starting a new job. You don’t know quite what it’ll be like. You are told as much as can be told, but then you start your job and learn the ins and outs of that new position. It’s not always what you are expecting. In the beginning, it can be quite scary if you let yourself think too much about it. I again am an employer as well as an employee.

COVID Life (Start of the new world dynamic)

There are a great many things that have changed in the work force over the last few years. It was difficult to see during COVID exactly what was going to be changing, but now it’s incredibly clear what is happening. People are looking for more out of life than working all week and only have a couple hours a day to spend doing what you truly enjoy. Society has realized there is more to life than work. Yet we as a society have been expected to work at least 40 hours a week, at least 49 weeks a year every single year. It’s a very taxing way to live. We have little time in a day to do the thing we love, and we have few weeks a year that we can focus on more than work.

COVID and the government opened up an opportunity for the people to see what they were missing out on. We are trapped in a lifestyle where we have to work excessive amounts to afford our lifestyles. Then we are told we should want to live those lifestyles. The cost of living has also gone up making it impossible for most middle-class individuals to afford the life they had prior to COVID.

The Conundrum

Society is in a bit of a conundrum. We the people want to have more with less effort, however the government and powers that be want us to work more for less. We either work more for less or we take handouts from the government. If we choose to take the handouts, we then are giving over total control to the government. We already know what that life will look like for the most part. Just take a look at some of the communist communities out there. The more power we give the government over our lives, the more pain and suffering we will experience. The New World Dynamic our government wants to create has been called the New World Order and we won’t be of any importance in it.

One of the ways the communist regime fully controls their community is through the social credit system. Their lives are tracked and rated in their social credit system. Your entire life is on a chip that you have to carry around with you on your ID card, and one day that chip will be implanted into your body. When I say your entire life is tracked on that chip, I mean everything. The chip will have your health and medical history, money, purchase history, travel history, how much you drink per week, what types of foods you are eating and much more. There are cameras literally everywhere so that they can track everybody in every inch of the land they provide for us to live on.

Cost of Control (New World Dynamics Created)

With this kind of control, how does this negatively affect the people? If they rank you low on the social credit score, they can take away your money, car, ability to use public transportation, and housing. They can literally starve you out or make you a criminal because you have a low social credit score. You have to live your life exactly the way they tell you to, or they can absolutely destroy your life. Every country is on the verge of being placed on this social credit scoring system. The starting of this social credit score began with the lending credit score. They tested their ability to affect our lives through rating us on a smaller scale social credit score. Anyone that has made a mistake with borrowing money and then running into tough times can tell you. It’s VERY easy to mess up your credit score, and it’s almost impossible to raise that score back up to where it needs to be to be able to purchase a house or a car on credit.

It’s incredibly difficult to believe that this could someday be our reality here in the United States, but we are more than halfway there. Somehow, they shut down the world by using scare tactics that a killer virus was spreading across the world. Did people die? Yes, people did die, but do we know why these people died? Not really. What we do know is that some people died over the last couple of years, that they said there was a killer virus called COVID. Everyone was required to wear masks that did damage to many people, including those with asthma or other health conditions. Our kids lost nearly a years’ worth of learning and were forced to wear masks everywhere as well. The mask mandate is starting again in some place. There are also some people were scared so badly that they are still wearing their masks 24/7. They are even wearing them in their own vehicles when they are alone inside of them.

What’s Needed Now (Create Our Own New World Dynamic)

The people of the world need to start using logic. We need to stop using the news and television as our view of the world and start looking with our own two eyes. We need to start thinking with our own brain and stop allowing others to tell us how we are supposed to think. Finally, we need to stop depending so heavily on the Government to take care of us, because they don’t have our best interests in mind. The skills of the past have been lost through the comforts of today’s society. We didn’t have to provide food or shelter for ourselves. If a complete collapse happened today there would be few people that knew how to care for the sick without doctors, raise livestock, grow food, gather food from nature and hunt/fish for meat. We need to start learning these skills again. Please open your eyes and begin the process of learning how to live for yourself. In this new world, not everyone will be allowed to live well on the government’s dime.

I also recommend reading, listening to or Watching “The Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. This should give you some insight into the type of control you do not want.