On this Day

By Korrin Doyle

Today is a day like every other day. It’s a school day, a work day and a fall day. It also happens to be my birthday! Everyday is someone’s birthday, and today just so happens to be mine. It’s fun to see all the facebook posts and linkedin posts of people saying Happy Birthday! This year though, I’m going to spend the whole day being mindful and living in gratitude. Most days we are too busy bustling around at work, in school, with our families and don’t take the time to really think about how lucky we truly are.

We spend far too much time in our lives worried about the negative things. They treated me like, that personal said this to me, I work too much, my kids are doing this or that. Why not try to spend more time living in a more positive mind set? The simple answer, we were taught and programmed not to since birth. Sounds crazy, I know! It is completely true though. I didn’t accomplish this, I feel bad about that, I wasn’t perfect in that or I failed here or there.

Today, on my Birthday, I would love to promote everyone to take 5-10 minutes out of there day today and just be mindful of your thoughts and think about what you are grateful for. Your day will be less hectic, your heart less burdened and you mind and body will feel less stressed. Take a couple of deep breaths here. Then list off what you are grateful for outload. Do it outload so that you aren’t only thinking it, but hearing it in your own voice.

My Gratitude List on THIS Day

  • My Daughter
  • My Boyfriend Brian
  • My Parents
  • My sister, niece and nephew
  • All of my extended Family!
  • My amazing friends!
  • The clear skies.
  • My courage to live outside the box.
  • The community I live
  • The Dojo my daughter goes to and all the great coaches.
  • My amazing German Shephard Turbo and cat Simba.
  • The text messages from the amazing people I’ve gotten to know in my life.
  • The growth and development I’ve been able to have this year.
  • The peace I’ve found this year.
  • The health I’ve had this year.
  • My home and community I’ve been a part of in my subdivision.
  • The chipmunks and squirrels outside.
  • The amazing connect groups I’ve been a part of this season.
  • The love and acceptance I’ve found this year.

This is a nice healthy list of things I’m grateful for and I’m sure I could go on for quite a bit longer. If we all found a little time for gratitude every day, can you imagine the impact that would have on this world. The hate, emotional triggers and frustration would start to be minimized. So take some time out, start a gratitude habit today. Enjoy your surrounds and focus on the positives around you, and you will live a much happier and brighter life.